recaptcha 2 manual fails

  • Does manual recpatcha 2.0 work? How do you manually click the images?

    I click the recaptcha box. Select "solve recaptcha 2.0" from the popup dialog box. I don't change any settings. Leave it set to manual.
    Once it gets to the captcha step it automatically clicks "I am not a robot".
    The verify pop up appears, asking question similar to "click all images containing mountains".
    Nothing else happens. I can't manually click anything and it doesn't automatically click anything else. Just hangs.

    Thanks. Great program

  • Capcha block will be near log block. Will be like that - script/result/log/capcha. In block capcha you can solve recapcha manual.

  • OK. I found that. I see the grid image. I can't click anything in it so I tried typing the number of the boxes in the grid. Top left box = 1. Bottom right box = 8. That caused the automated mouse to move and click on the selected boxes. The clicked box would get a check mark but then the image would fade to white, change to a new image and the check would go away. The automated mouse never clicked the verify button to complete the process.

  • if you check all images, and there is no any "mountains", leave box clear, and push submit.

  • The correct image ("mountains" or whatever) do appear in the grid. I enter numbers = grid location. Press enter. The mouse then moves to the grid location and clicks the correct image.

    But 2 problems.

    1. When the image is clicked it first gets a checkmark (as it should) but then the clicked image fades to white and the checkmark and image disappear then image fades back in as a new image with no checkmark. The mouse then proceeds to the next image to be clicked and same fading happens again.

    2. The verify button is not clicked.

    Thank you for help!

  • maybe you have bad connection or you use proxy, but when no any "mountains" just click to

  • Thanks but you are misunderstanding my problem.

    There ARE pictures to click.

    I type the correct grid numbers in the input box to the left of the "just click" button you highlighted.
    I then click the button you highlighted.
    The auto mouse then clicks the correct grid numbers.

    When the automouse clicks those boxes they first correctly receive a check mark

    BUT then the selected box incorrectly fades away and loses the check mark.
    AND the automosue doesn't do the final step - click the green verifiy button which is shown just above the "just click" button you highlighted.

  • Ah, I get it now. I had never seen the recaptcha fade images away and make you keep clicking new images. I thought something was broken. And to click verify you just submit without entering numbers. A bit confusing but working now. Thanks.

  • One last question. How do you do double digits. If a grid is 4x4 how do you enter the final square which would be "16"?

  • Enter numbers separated with comma - 2,6,11,15

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