Compiled script wont work

  • Hello, i made a little gmail account script, that works perfect in the editor, but once i compile and run, it would do 1 click and close the browser, any idea why this happens?

  • You need to be more descriptive in your question. Like what actions you
    expect it to do, besides that one click? Also mention are you using proxies
    or VPN or your native IP? Are there any errors in log, or waiting for element

    The only idea that cross my mind is that you should maybe increase default
    execution time which is set to 60 seconds by BAS, but can be adjusted for
    whole script or for particular actions - like for "Load webpage" action.
    This is corelated with using proxies which usually works slower than your
    native IP connection.

    In general you have to determine which action stops further execution of
    your bot, and than adjust or modify
    its behavior so it behaves uniform regardless of
    your internet or proxy speed.

  • i made a gmail account bot, so, it loads the account creation page, then click where the first name should be and then closes, it just runs for like 3 secs..

  • Are you using "Wait for full page load" in that action?
    In this particular case you should use action "sleep" for
    few seconds instead of "Wait for full page load", because
    that is not needed and next button can be clicked almost

    You can also try to add <RETURN> at the end of type text action,
    in which case you dont need to emulate click on next button.

  • but shouldnt it work like it do in the editor? or compiled version should have more care with sleeps and so ? (im not using any sleeps) but its weird, because it does click on the text field and then closes

  • this what i get after browser closes

    [10:04:27] Thread #2 : Thread ended with message "Ok"
    [10:04:27] Thread #1 : Thread succeeded with message "Ok"

    i added sleeps to wait for the page to load, it still closes after browser opens.. =/

  • Theoretically it works similar in both modes. But in practice in run mode
    you usually use different fingerprints and proxies which you didnt
    already used in edit mode, which is limited to work with single thread only.

    But there is always some universal solution which will work with most
    fingerprints and most proxies. You just need to experiment a bit and
    try different approaches to find that universal code that works in most
    cases. Be aware that some fingerprints will never give you to execute
    all your actions as you intended to. So you need to invest some time
    to determine what works best for your user case. And bare in mind
    that google uses canvas among many other browser and system
    parameters to determine youur browser as unique and genuine.

    In short you need many miles in coding for particular platform like
    google in order to code things properly and with confidence. We
    would all like that its a plain simple and direct code that works every time.
    But its just not like that....

  • yeah i understand that, but how can i debug if it just closes at the start lol gonna be hard, because it works perfectly on the editor, so no way for me to determine whats wrong.

  • Try what I mentioned already. Emulate pressing "enter" button at the end
    of "type text" action. Disable "wait full page load" in load action and experiment
    with "sleep" or "wait for url loaded" and "wait for addres bar" waiters afterwards.

    You can even combine all these actions, so the one that works for given
    fingerprint would eventually be executed.

    On the other hand, all these problems might be related with BAS browser
    engine, which is not updated for long time. There is a statement on forum
    that next major update will happen by the end of this month (february 2021)

  • Maybe this video can help you >
    Lesson #1. Introduction. Standalone gmail checker >>

  • @GaG the problem is that the compiled version dont get to any "type text" it just closes before doing the first action =/ that is moving mouse to first name input field

  • Here is test script, so try it in run mode on your side >


    Works for me in run mode...

  • @GaG its working, but mine is similar, but mine start with proxy setup and add variable values, can i send u mine and u can test it?

  • found where my bot is getting stuck by using logs, it wont call my function, it set every variable correctly, and launch browser plus load the page, but when it calls my create account async function it closes

  • fixed it by changing async to normal func :D

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