Scheduler: Run bot between 15 and 25 tries from 8am to 6pm randomly

  • Is it possible split a range (e.g. from 15 to 25) of how often a bot should run to a specific timeframe randomly with the built-in or the standalone scheduler (using Premium).


  • Create a loop with random cycles - 15-25 running cycles.
    Than simply schedule execution of script at desired time.

  • @GaG Thank you but unfortunately it's not clear to me how to do that. Do you mean I should compile the ready made script I want to run to an .exe and then call this .exe-file from another (main-)script that includes the random timed loop with BAS?

    As far as I know, running one script from another directly is not possible in BAS, right?

  • lol, everything is possible in BAS.

    I meant that you put your whole existing script in one function. Than in
    main function create a loop with random number of executions that calls
    your entire current script, which is one function in this case. You can put
    random or fixed waiting time between loop cycles if needed.

    And yes you can run any exe or bat script from BAS directly Module is called
    "Process manager" and there is only one action called "Run process". Just check
    it and everything would be more clear for you.

  • You saved my day! Thank you very much for your appreciated help :)

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