After setting HTTP proxy, do modules that use HTTP requests use proxy?

  • If I set the requests/HTTP proxy and then run a module that uses requests.

    Does it use the proxy I set before the module? Or does the module reset the proxy back to nothing before running.

  • You answered your own question.
    If you set up proxy inside http client module with
    "HTTP-Client proxy" command/action than http client
    requests will go over that proxy you set up.

    On the other hand, if proxy is set up with just "Proxy"
    action it will only be used for browser and not for http client.

    Furthermore, you can combine browser and http client requests
    towards same site in one script, but in that case you need to
    import browser settings to http client with appropriate action,
    and need to expicitely set http client proxy to same proxy as you
    already set for browser.

  • @GaG Thats not what I asked.

    I am talking about whether a setting http client proxy affects a module that uses an http client. Or if the module avoid using a proxy set outside of itself

  • Hope I was clwar enough in rest of answer, besides that first sentence.
    It is 2 different things that can work together as described.

  • @GaG Your talking about using HTTP proxy and BROWSER proxy together. My question was nothing to do with browser proxy.

    Its about HTTP client proxy and modules that use HTTP client requests.

    Question is whether a custom module uses a previously set proxy but I don't think you know what modules are

  • If you set http client proxy, all http requests will use that proxy.

    If you use custom http client module, I guess you need to set up
    proxy over that custom (extended) http client module.

    You can conduct a simple test and determine how those 2 modules
    interact, or if they ignore each other.

    Maybe you should ask your question to author of custom module,
    under respective custom module thread, if you are too lazyto test
    it yourself.

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