Newbie-Able to scroll down to element. but unable to type in text box .

  • Hello Sir,
    I downloaded your software because it seems very easy to use and is free to download and use.
    I am slowly trying to learn to use it .

    Currently, I wanted to make a bitcoin faucet bot for a website.
    Using BAS, I have learnt to :-
    #1. load the website and
    #2. Scroll down till the Image Captcha using "Scroll to element".

    CSS> #adcopy_response

    But I am unable to type anything in it or click on the Captcha Text box, ie no user interaction is happening.
    The page just stands still.
    Am I doing something wrong here ?
    or should I do some more programming learning before using BAS ?
    Could you please help me in removing my current problem.
    Thank you again for making such a nice Software.

  • No problem !!
    Finally successfully created a simple faucet bot for a site .
    Thanks again for the BAS.

    Now my next problem is I am not fully understanding the concept of compiling the project it to create exe file.
    When I try to compile, I get a new folder full of files.

    I was expecting to get a single exe file as a result of compiling.

  • @Manu

    I was expecting to get a single exe file as a result of compiling.

    BAS gives a folder with several files as result of compile operation. You can zip it and send to customer. In fact that folder conatins only online installer, which will download correct BAS version with correct architecture on first run.

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