Resource list slows down BAS

  • Hello,

    I'm using a resource to list with about 2k lines at the beginning of my project but this completely slows down BAS in record mode. I can't even scroll through the variables inspector and every action in the browser window takes a couple of minutes.

    Any solution to fix this?

  • Any ideas? As a temporary workaround I cut off my lists after a couple of lines during the development process of the bot. Hope it runs faster and more stable with the whole lists when it's ready.

  • What do you want to do with that amount of resources? If you don't process all the resources in one run, split it up.

  • There is a great technology that is designed to work
    fast with huge data sets. It is called Database and its
    available in BAS,.

  • @phamtracanh It's for an account creator that runs on specified intervals. I do not expect to have problems as I use lists with some 100k lines in Zenno without any issues or slow downs and at the technical side some k of short lines (nothing to split up or so) should not slow down any program

  • @GaG Yes I know about that "great technology" called MongoDB in BAS. It's not really working for my needs (already tried to use it with another project with a quite big dataset) and got the recommendation several times here not to use the currently built in MongoDB thing. For big data (with some million of datasets, indexes, foreign keys and so on) we currently use MySQL or PostgreSQL but not for a simple list of a textfile with some k of lines.

  • @morpheus93 said in Resource list slows down BAS:

    and got the recommendation several times here not to use the currently built in MongoDB thing

    mongodb easily handles big data, but you need to work with it through node.js because in the BAS GUI there are very limited possibilities to work with this database

  • @UserTrue Thank you for your advice. Yes, at first I tried the built in mongodb with it's module. It made me quite fast switch over to MySQL and the appropriate node.js module ;)

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