I've got one idea. Could someone help me turn into a script, please ?

  • Hi, I would like to create a script which will do the following but I don't know how to do it. Can someone help me, please ?

    So my idea is...

    1. To go to website www.abcd.com where are profiles of different people

    2. Scrape the name of a person and save it ( Here I don't know... whether to save as a text file, resource or a list ? )

    3. Go to the next page, next profile on that website and compare saved name earlier to that new one and if this is the same name then go to the next page, next profile, else if this is a different name to the one saved before then scrape that new one add it and perform an action, for example - click on the picture

    Can some please tell me how script would look like following my above instructions ?

    Thank you, much appreciated!

  • If you want to order a script, then the description of the actions should be much more detailed. If you want someone to teach you, or you want to pay or not pay for a service or result received, it would be nice to indicate a budget, since not everyone understands what is at stake.
    Good luck!

  • Send your message via telegram : @ptano1
    and describe your project in more detail.

  • Guys I gave clear instructions of what I need... Can you please tell me how the final script would look like based on my above instructions ? Thank you, appreciate.

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