Sneaker bot developer

  • Hello,

    Looking for someone proficient in cyber security and reverse engineering (RE). The job is penetration and vulnerability testing on a website.

    You will be penetration testing (or,, - they use a shared backend) add to cart endpoint.

    The goal is to add a product to the footlocker cart without triggering the Fastly/Varnish cache system. The cache system is indicated by response headers like X-Cache: HIT. Your task is to add something to the cart and ONLY receive MISS or MISS, MISS on cache response headers. Requests must be done repetitively and at high frequency to prove cache MISS. At least 50% success rate on receiving MISS cache is expected.

    Footlocker is also protected by DataDome but using a clean IP is enough to avoid problems.

    You will use sockets / requests only (no browsers).

    Payment: to be determined

    Experience: History in sneakers is a plus, otherwise, some background in RE/security.
    Language: Doesn't matter, just figure out how to craft the HTTP request as described.
    English: Proficient


    I am also looking for many other websites

  • @dandupa You have most likely confused the forum

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