Best way to find html-elements with random IDs/classes

  • Hello,

    I'm currently working on a site where the html elements (mostly the input fields) are completely randomzied in naming, clases, ids and so on. Also they inserted some "honeypot" elements: If I can access one element with e.g. >MATCH>element_property>AT>1 the next time it is >MATCH>element_property>AT>0 or >MATCH>element_property>AT>2

    For the information on what data the user should input on what field they simply set one big .jpg/.png in the background and all the input-field are transparent (except the borders) and perfectly fit in the foreground so the user can see what he should enter and where.

    What approach would you experienced guys recommend to avoid such pitfalls?

    Thank you for your appreciated help!

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