BAS Software Resolution Changed

  • Hi, any instance of BAS I open seems to open in a low resolution.


    ^ As you can see, it's so zoomed in I can't even export database files.

    VPS Operating system: Windows server 2012 r2 datacenter

    Everything else (software, browser, files etc) are displaying at normal 1080p resolution. It’s ONLY BAS that seems to be impacted. This same issue has occurred on two separate virtual private servers.

    I’ve tried altering the settings via properties, nothing changes.


    The only thing that’s changed recently
    BAS update to version 24.0.2
    New laptop - 1080p Resolution

    Has anyone else experienced the same? If so, is there a setting somewhere in BAS to adjust the resolution back to normal. Thanks!

  • There's also one more strange thing. "Record mode" seems to display in the right resolution and as normal.

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