issues with success number, compile errors

  • First off, thanks so much for a wonderful program,

    1. in your video showing how to repeat a script it shows the picture below
      0_1490921856011_success number 1.png
      however, when i try to utilize the same function, i get the picture below and the repeat script doesn't work
      0_1490922008032_success number 2.png

    2. also in your video, compiling the script shows the picture below
      0_1490922090340_compile 1.png
      however, when i try to compile, i get the below picture
      0_1490922145356_compile 2.png
      clicking on the RemoteExecuteScript.exe will start downloading the full software .

    will appreciate any assistance.

  • any help would be appreciated.

  • @leopantro Hi, tutorials will be updated soon.

    To set max success number use this function


    Compiling script now outputs folder with several files, but you can zip it and send to customer.
    This archive will download correct BAS version on first run(but only one time or on next script update).

  • thank a lot. will check it out

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