Proxy Settings doesn't save

  • Hi,

    as you can see in the video, i click to save but it doesn't save the settings...

  • lol,
    Yes it does.

    Proxy variable is saved and your video shows it works.

    In later settings you didnt change anything besides
    "IP info method" , which is by default set to "database"
    So it is ignored by BAS because you didnt sup;ply username
    and password, which are required because it is an
    external service that you have to pay additionally.

    There is a link "read more" for every action, so read it.

  • Yes it is saving. It is just misleading because checked checkboxes are missing even if i check the checkboxes and save them...

  • Yeah, but meaning of those checkboxes is "toggle", not "check"
    so it might be confusing. But any changes you make inside will
    be saved.

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