How to solve funcaptcha?

  • Hi,

    i cannot click to the "next" button in the hotmail registration page. Nor direct mode neither indirect mode doesn't help me to click that button.


  • Turn on Canvas.

  • @PTANO1 hi, thank you for your reply. With your solution i can click to the next button in direct mode but still bot cannot click to the next button with "move and click on element button...

    [100918113] [16:43:11] Thread #1 : Waiting for element >CSS> #enforcementFrame>FRAME> >CSS> #fc-iframe-wrap>FRAME>>FRAME> >CSS> #FunCAPTCHA
    [100918113] [16:44:25] Thread #1 : Failed to wait for element >CSS> #enforcementFrame>FRAME> >CSS> #fc-iframe-wrap>FRAME>>FRAME> >CSS> #FunCAPTCHA


  • @Potio no need to click anywhere. this captcha is solved through the service, then the received token must be applied in a special function on the site page, but it must still be found.

  • i see but i was able to solve captcha with other websites but on hotmail i only get the error message above and bas is actually doesn't send solve request to my 2captcha...

  • i have script it can bypass funcaptcha and create outlook itself without using 2captcha/anticaptcha. if u want to see demo, contact discord: k3lu0mx4c#7977

  • @k3lu0mx4c can you check your discord, I've send a friend request

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