Timeout during PopupCreate2 and Can't find variable

  • I am getting 50% of the time this error message in my script:

       512 - [269678410] Timeout during PopupCreate2

    I made and "is element exists" action bound thatto "if" action to click "accep cookies" in the cookie policy on the website.



    And i am getting 20% of the time while running script the following error:

       120 - [849440520] ReferenceError: Can't find variable: VAR_SAVED_TEXT_GENERATED_EMAIL during execution of action 

    "SAVED_TEXT_GENERATED_EMAIL" is the variable i am using for "get element text" action.

  • For first error try to check "Also check if visible on screen".

    For second error log that variable to see what happens with it.
    Basically log everything that might causing that error to be able
    to debug script and find error point.

    In the future please share sxript that replicates your problem/error.
    Othervise I doubt someone will be able to help you.

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