Working with Profiles Cookies

  • Hello,
    I would like to know how "Working with profiles" is using cookies
    When i use a script 1 with profile1 to browse site gmail, cookies are saved without problem, i can open gmail in Bas everyday without cookie problem.
    Then i use a script 2 with profile 1 to browse another site different from gmail.
    After come back on script 1 with profile 1 to browse gmail, cookies problem are detected.
    So my question is the file cookie present in BAS Profile's folder is only for 1 site?
    If i have to create a profile for each project it is terribly storage consumming?
    Please i need pro advises

    Thanks in advance

  • @HNB

    In case i use 2 cookie in Profile folder how to use them if i use a site which sent a confirmation code to gmail that i need to get in the same script?
    Before each Load url may i have to restore the url cookie?
    Please help, im really stucked since 48h.

  • There should not be any problems.
    Load profile with gmail, than simply open new
    tab and navigate to other site, Then just go back
    to TAB where gmail is and confirm incoming mail.

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