Run process to run a new BAS script often doesn't start

  • Hey!
    I have a pretty big project that I split in multiple different script to simplify the creation process, otherwise it will be a mess to debug and edit.
    I compiled them and i planned to start the first script, and in the end use the run process feature to run a the RemoteExecuteScriptSilent.exe of the second step and so on with all the steps, the issue is that sometimes it doesn't start the next BAS script, so it breaks the execution in the middle, if u run manually the action it run, while waiting for the full execution sometime it doesn't start the next step.
    Any idea how to make sure it always start?


  • It is probably due to the fact that some of your scripts
    encounter an error and doesnt reach the end of script,
    so run process action is not executed.

    It would be better idea to create one script. Simply encapsulate
    each script you have into a separate function, and than just run
    all the functions one after another. That way you will be able to
    catch and debug any potential errors that may arise. You will
    be able to use more intuitive actions to control overall script
    execution also, and make sure that all actions work as you want.

  • @GaG Mmm I'm pretty sure the script end because I tested it for a few months now, but I will log the end of the scripts to be sure that's not the case, thanks for the suggestion.

    Each script is quite big with already multiple functions in each, I already tried to reduce the numbers to make the issues less common, but in BAS there is no currently a way to reorder the functions in the list or there is not a way to group them, so with too many functions in random order it will end up being a mess to edit, it's still a work in progress, there are always updated to do to make it better. So making a very big one is something I really would like to avoid.

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