BrowserAutomationStudio 14.1.0 has been released.

  • This release improves project usability a lot.
    Here is a list of changes:

    • Variable inspector shows all variables and their content:


    To start using it, click on "Variable inspector" menu.


    • Only one resource is visible at a time, this makes resource panel more compact:


    • Undo manager helps in case if you want to revert some of your actions:


    Common CTRL-Z and ZTRL-Y shortcuts are available too.

    • Clipboard data can be transferred between projects.

    • Toolbox includes search bar, which helps to search for specific actions:


    • Developer can move execution point to any place inside scenario.


    • Buttons for easy editing of thread number, success number and fail number:


    There are also a lot of bug fixes and small improvements:

    • H.264 video codec support.
    • Http client strict timeout.
    • Fix non 100% scale of expression editor.
    • Scenario context menu fixes.
    • Tray notification about closed window.
    • Hold button animation.
    • Fix of missing "Execute Only This" menu.
    • Max success fail of resource increased.
    • Better highlight reload button.
    • Fix missing data during PUT request.

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