Blocking the possibility of redoing the script in the Run Process

  • Hello,
    I am asking for help in solving my problem. Now I will present a picture of my situation.

    I have it like that:
    Main script for monitoring multiple pages (fast loop), I use it via BAS application.
    Lots of scripts (exe) in the form of a BAS application

    My problem is that while monitoring page changes, I would like the main script to run the script (exe) only once.

    The point is that the main script should not run the exe script a second time if it is already running.

    The option in the Run Process "Wait while process will finish" does not work. But I also don't know if it doesn't stop the script completely for the duration of the process. Anyway, it doesn't work for me. I need the option to continue monitoring without stopping.

    The problem is in the size of the script. I have over 200 pages to watch. I can't put this into one script as call function asynch due to memory consumption.

  • It is not quite clear what you actually want to achieve.

    When you compile exe files, you can for example set
    executable to be run only once, so it is not possible to
    run multiple instances of same exe file,

    Another solution would be to create some kind of "flag" file
    that can hold "status" of started executable. So, whenever you
    start some exe file you write a "special flag file" , so that you know
    that it is started. It can be simple TXT file where you write "1" or "started"

  • @GaG
    Very good idea with this file. I'll use it.
    Thank you.

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