how to sign in to website with multiple accounts and multi treads! (at the same time)

  • hi
    As it turns out, I want to log in to a site with multiple accounts at the same time.
    General description:
    I have about 500 accounts called

    In this way (only the number changes)
    And the password is the same for all accounts.

    How can I run it in multi-tread mode?
    I tried but all browsers log into one account.

    please guide me.

    1. Create a TXT file with all your emails - each email in new line.
    2. Define a resource in BAS and make it ""read lines from file" and
      "uee each line one time".
    3. Define number of threads you need in BAS.
    4. Parse resource list to user-password values.
      (in your case you dont need to parse it since pass is always same)
    5. Log in to account from browser in BAS.

    That way each thread will start new browser instance and
    use new resource line because its set to use each line only
    one time.

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