Created file whith BAS instruction is not empty !

  • Hello,
    When i create a 'file.txt' by using the instruction 'Create file' it works but it is not empty.
    Its content is unreadable and looks like this:

    ®§æê©Y[¨ã@.Øâ·åqÞ»Áz֚ʹR¶6ÞNÐþ]‘ùq\Î$Ut"î¢Åså²H颺œp0ÍqÓ¸gù-/rü¨fÕýnÍs=«V÷[n­åû®Ýõm«Óvî §ð$µýr잸Ÿ!³ùË)ßx“.ŽÙbššTžƒM©,_ÀØÎö0 ÏÜ œ^Ãm...

    This appear also with a new empty project.

    Is there anyone who can explain to me why ?


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