Running few threads at a time

  • Hi guys! Please I need a little help, I made a functioning social media follow/unfollow bot and it has been working for a long time. I normally run 50threads at a time on my VPS but due to some limitations now I have to run few threads at a time but I don't know how to go about that. Example, before now I was running 50 threads at once on my VPS but now I want to run first 5 threads, after the first 5 threads finishes then the next 5 begin and it goes like that until the last 5 threads, then after the last 5, it begins from first 5 again e.t.c

    Please if you can help out, I'll appreciate, Thanks

  • @bennettjimmy63 please any help?

  • @bennettjimmy63
    you can set the concurrent threads and run time "repeat"


    or other way to run endless is just to run async, set 5 threads there and run in a loop. set the threads for script to 1 in this case.

    the async run function is pretty configurable, so you can set your input list for the 30 threads, then set to only run 5 at once. it will run 5max all the time and start another when one is finished. then put that in loop again to run endless and get errors in TG for example

    Like so:





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