BrowserAutomationStudio 24.2.0 has been released

  • Browser version update.

    Almost all workflows associated with updating the browser version were automated, this includes:

    • Automatic testing.
    • Improved tools for updating and working with patches.

    Also, after a recent update of the browser engine, a transition was made to a more stable method of interaction with it(CDP instead of CEF).

    All this made it possible to significantly reduce the amount of time required to update the browser version.

    In the future, it is planned to update it with each BAS version.

    It is not yet known how realistic this will be, since we are talking about a separate version of a huge application with a lot of changes that occur every day.

    Keeping the browser up to date should have a beneficial effect on its authenticity.

    In this update, Chrome has been updated to 92.0.4515.131.

    New module "Phone verification".

    This module completely replaces the functionality of the old "Receive sms" module. The old module is disabled by default, but not removed. If you want to use it, you just need to enable it in the module manager.

    The new module contains more services, more relevant configuration on supported sites, detailed documentation.

    The functionality has also been expanded, the ability to use additional capabilities of the API services has been added, this includes: getting balance, the number of available numbers, the list of sites and countries.

    Changing a new module is much easier than changing an old one.

    We also implemented multithreading support and request limits.

    Everything is done on a native HTTP client, without node.js.

    This module is made by @GhostZ

    Improvements in work with some types of captcha.

    A universal method for solving captcha using image clicks has been added. This method is available on rucaptcha and 2captcha services(more details).

    Improved the documentation for "Solve FunCaptcha" and "Solve HCaptcha" actions.

    Developed by @Oyasumi-Punpun

    New module "Checksum".

    This module can be useful for checking the integrity of files, as well as for working with various APIs that may require hashes generation.

    List of supported algorithms: md5, sha1, sha-224, sha-256, sha-384, sha-512, sha3-224, sha3-256, sha3-384, sha3-512, shake-128, shake-256, keccak-224, keccak-256, keccak-384, keccak-512, blake2b-512, blake2s-256, blake3, crc-16, crc-32, md4, mdc2, ripemd160, whirlpool.

    The module is made using node.js.

    It was made by @GhostZ

    Improved browser language changing.

    Fixed a bug that gave incorrect data when mixing the Accept-Language template with the proxy language.

    Improved browser locale change, now tests like new Intl.RelativeTimeFormat().format(-1,"day") pass correctly.

    For an even better replacement of the browser language, you can now change the browser interface language.

    This can be done either by changing the --lang=en value in the chrome_command_line.txt file, or by using the new parameter in the "Browser Settings" action:

    The language of the browser interface is extremely hard to detect, this change was made rather "just in case".

    Other changes.

    Added support for recaptcha enterprise.

    A lot of minor bugs have also been fixed.


    Fixed problem changing client hints from serviceWorker.


    Improved mouse and keyboard emulation.
    Fixed problems when transferring cookies with specific params from the browser to the http client.
    Other minor changes.


    Fixed starting Chrome executable from wrong folder.
    Fixed element visibility detection with fractional size.
    New setting to save browser communication log.
    Fix timeout clicking on selector which changes after mouse over.
    If selector has been changed after scrolling to element, ignore action.
    Fix timeout when switching tab.
    Fix closing tab when there are more tabs in delayed state.

  • @Игорь777 said in Выпущена 24.2.0 версия BrowserAutomationStudio:

    @support по поводу тиктока, если честно проверять на 1-2 подписки... То так конечно все работает, но. Смотрите, заходим на аккаунт, делаем 10-20 подписок, конечно же с разумным таймингом... Потом если зайти на этот аккаунт скажем через час, в 95% вам уже не удается подписать или поставить лайк. Однако, если же зайти на этот же аккаунт через браузер на ПК, то я смогу в течении дня по 500 подписок сделать, к примеру делаю 50 подписок, даю отдохнуть аккаунту минут 40 и так в течении дня. Касаемо баса, пробовал создавать профиля с разными отпечатками, но подписки и лайки не ставятся, то бишь тик ток видит, что на аккаунт по факту заходят с одного и того же браузера, поэтому теневой бан накладывается автоматически... практически 2-суток мы ничего не можем сделать... А вот что именно тикток палит мне не понятно. Если бы вы более глубокие тесты проводили, то заметили бы это явление...

    I also have same problem, I can subscribe to 10-50 people and after few hours I start BAS again and I'm automatically shadowbanned.

    @support said in Выпущена 24.2.0 версия BrowserAutomationStudio:

    @sir-ydroidrrr said in Выпущена 24.2.0 версия BrowserAutomationStudio:

    Ради интереса попробовал подписаться через Google Chrome 92.0.4515.159, не получилось.

    В tiktok используется оригинальный метод определение CDP сессии. В BAS эта проверка успешно обойдена и уже давно. Кейс "оставить комментарий, проверить, чтобы он был виден всем" проверяется перед каждым релизом.

    Сейчас я проверил подписку на канал с отпечатком, у меня это получилось, вот видео

    I saw in your youtube video that you also added "Browser Settings" to your script. Can you tell me what settings did you disabled/enabled there? Thanks for taking the time to upload the video

  • TikTok now working well but now showing CAPTCHA across browsers frequently when running multiple accounts. Which means they are detecting the fingerprint technology.


    Above is a screenshot sample, red means captcha and once I complete the captcha, it happens again and keeps happening again.

    This doesn't happen when I run like 20 accounts, but when I run 40 accounts and above, it happens. Before, I can run 70 accounts+ without issues

  • will only language as argument works or everything else works?

  • @Fox Only problem I recognize here is that DB tables being reset so I need to re-choose the correct table to load info from. Can you patch it so it won't happen?

  • @ocraft said in BrowserAutomationStudio 24.2.0 has been released:

    @Fox Only problem I recognize here is that DB tables being reset so I need to re-choose the correct table to load info from. Can you patch it so it won't happen?

    How is this error related to the new version of BAS?

  • @Fox It's not, just a suggestion for future patches

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