Mass Tunneler final proxy speed is slow

  • Recently I've bought MassTunneler and using it to connect to 1 server (VPS with configuration 4core/8GBRam/200Mbit/s connection). The proxy that is created after running MassTunneler is used inside BAS script to load pages.
    After checking proxy speed inside BAS browser it shows only 5 Mbit/s download/upload. If I create more tunnels(proxies), then the measured speed will be just divided( 5 proxies = 1Mbit/s each). That is very slow if I want to create many tunnels to the same server.

    1. Is this the max speed that could get using Mass Tunneler or there are some settings for VPS or MassTunneler so I could get more final proxy speed from this 200Mbit/s connection?
    2. Are there different string formats that can be used in server.txt to connect to the SSH server using the private key (.ppk) instead of user:password@ip_adress?

  • @support Please check and answer these questions because there is no documentation about this.

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