Many timeout Problems since update 24.2.3 - Who Else? *solved*

  • Hi, somebody else noticed that BAS is running very unstable since the last update?

    Here are a few very annoying things...
    When BAS is open for 1-2 hours in Record mode:

    • Popup windows do not open anymore (Compile, Input Data on Start, Module Browser, ...), just a blank/white window
    • Vars do not get changes anymore, they just "freeze" to whatever they have been before
    • URLs don't load, in fact everything in the Browser just crashes/freezes, no mouse move, no click, no nothing

    When running compiled Bots, Chrome freezes/crashes often with different errors:

    • Falled to load Page/URL
    • failed to wait state complete
    • failed to wait for XY Element
    • failed to wait for CSS Element inside Loop (where previous Elements work fine :)

    I think these errors are coming mostly from chrome, as SQL queries and file, log, other things are working mostly good.

    I first thought it would be my 10 concurrent threads because the browsed website is quite heavy (ebay classifieds) but this was not the problem before.
    the website itself is also stable and does load correctly 99/100 times, yet the errors are on EVERY single scheduled run!
    I have lowered the threads to 5 and now to even 3, but still same problems. I gave the VM 8 cores of Ryzen 5 3600 and 16gb ram and STILL these errors, where before it ran perfect with 4gb ram and 2 cores including heavy windows 10.

    any ideas ?!

    437b7cbd-9067-4830-bfca-ea3c57b1d6ba-3zZ6LSdBkNiV.jpg 3zZ6LSdBkNiV.jpg

  • @tecnewb
    There is the same phenomenon. Reverted to the previous version.

  • @kamikazeave new version is out, explicitly mentioned "fix of timout errors" so let's see :)

  • @kamikazeave update did not solve my problem, but made it a little better.

    i found an older thread with mention of ad blocking, so i used ublock origin in other chrome to get all blocked domains.
    "request mask deny" everything and now i have no more timeouts and blazing fast bots.
    i painfully remember why i only browse with adblock :D

    maybe it helps you too

  • @tecnewb You can also install an adblocker directly in BAS now. Tried it for some sites with quite annoying ads and works well.

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