Randomly load one of +100 pre-generated fingerprints. Best way to do this?

  • Following situation:

    I have generated over 100 profile folders with fingerprint and PerfectCanvas information. These are saved on my computer (fingerprint.json inside 100x "RandomFolferName") . I did this because I want to do fast multi-thread botting, which obviously isn't possible with PerfectCanvas request in real-time.
    alt text

    Now I want to build a bot which randomly applies one of the 100 profile folders fingerprint at the beginning. I only need the fingerprint, nothing else from the profile.
    What would be the best method/logic to achieve this?

    My idea:

    1. Get list of all existing folder names in specific directory (example C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\profiles) - No idea how to do this
    2. Get random folder name from list [[RANDOM_PROFILEFOLDER]]
    3. Switch to profile [[RANDOM_PROFILEFOLDER]] , which includes fingerprint information and is automatically loaded by the function.
    4. Clear Cookies with Restore Cookies " " function, so we aren't logged in from last session when we access the page
    5. Load random proxy, Load Page, Create Account. End thread and repeat.
      alt text

    So to formulate all my questions again:
    Is there a better way to load fingerprints as suggest above? If no, how do I get names from all folders in a directory in a list (Step 1)? Is there anything besides Cookies in the profile folder which could be used to identify me and needs to be cleared? Isn't it possible to directly apply the fingerprint with "Apply Fingerprint" and select the fingerprint.json as source (I don't understand how I have to parse the fingerprint.json)?


  • just load fingerprint.json file from the folder

    read file C:/...../RANDOM_PROFILEFOLDER/fingerprint.json to VAR Fingerprint

    If fingerprint length < 100
    --start from beginning with new random folder

    apply fingerprint

  • alt text
    Doesn't work, I get this error:
    alt text

  • try to convert to json

    file is read as text but fingerprint expects json objects it seems

  • I got you...






  • Yep that works, thanks a lot!

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