BrowserAutomationStudio 24.3.0 has been released

  • In this version, the functionality was returned, which was previously removed during the transition to the new engine.

    Developer tools.

    The developer tools panel opens in the native browser after update. This means that even if your default browser is not Chrome, the developer tools panel will still opens correctly.

    Restored the ability to search for the selected html element in the developer tools through the browser

    By default, developer tools opens without starting screencast.

    In this release the developer tools panel is still displayed in a separate window.

    Drag and drop.

    Restored the ability to drag and drop elements

    Events related to this are correctly transmitted to the page.

    Improved emulation of events when holding the left mouse button.

    Restored the "Start Drag File" action.

    Recording of http requests.

    A tool for converting browser interaction to http requests has been restored.

    Http authentication.

    Action "Http Auth" has been restored.

    It is recommended to use it just before the moment when you need to enter auth data.

    Dropdown lists rendering.

    Dropdowns in Chrome are implemented as an insolated html page, so working with them in both CEF and Chromium was difficult.

    After update the desired item from dropdown can be selected using the standard menu:

    New menu is displayed only in manual control mode.

    Element selection events are identical to a real browser.

    All this concerns only the standard html select element, the behavior of non-standard dropdown lists has not changed.

    Browser version update.

    The browser version has been updated to 94.0.4606.61.

    Improved client hints emulation according to latest changes.

    Fixed some bugs related to element wait timeouts.


    Fixed browser launch on some systems.

  • Would be possible to share a minimum script with a sample of Http authentication usage.

    I looked for posts about this here but could not find any.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you for this release. Great updates! Especially the comeback of the HTTP-request recorder make things much easier.

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