hcaptcha without submit button

  • Hi friends,

    Is there any capmonster module to resolve hcaptcha which has no submit button?

    I am able to assign return value to textareas, but I dont know how to submit to verify the captcha

    Best Regards

  • You need to play with "challenge-form", submit(), but double check the frames!

  • @jtercs said in hcaptcha without submit button:

    "challenge-form", submit(),

    Hey- im too now in trouble with a page that recently changed to a non-submit-button state. I Cant find anything that i could use in BAS to solve this issue. Some Guidance would be appreciated. I get the tokens fro 2captcha or rucaptcha.

    How should i apporach. I read about the "challege-form", submit() stuff but what should i actually do with it?

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