Screenshot of my Script -- Save 4G data tips

  • I'm using this script to scrape the first website ranking #1 on google for my given keyword.
    Doing this for hundreds of keywords every day.

    It consume alot of 4G data, like 20-40 GB every day.

    Wanted to know if you guys have any tips to save some GB. I can see that there are no pictures or videos so I can use Request Mask deny function.

    Appreciate any info you could have


  • Anyone?

  • I'm also wondering on how to save bandwidth with expensive residential proxies...

    Maybe someone can share his experiences?

  • @morpheus93 yea maybe..

  • Open developer tools in your own browser and look at the network tab. Click on the requests and click Block Request then refresh (Right click refresh button and reload without cache)
    Keep blocking images and scripts until the website stops working
    Take that list of blocked stuff and put it in your script using Request Mask Deny

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