Cloudflare "You've been blocked"

  • Yesterday I managed to scrape a lot of data and everything worked fine but today I am seeing a lot of "You've been blocked" pages from cloudflare. I tried many different things like changing fingerprints and the time my bot spends on the site but it makes no difference. I am suspecting that my proxies got banned?

    Anyone have any idea about this error and if it is a IP ban, is it a permanent ban?

    My workflow:

    If profile exists
      Switch profile (Yes fingerprint + No proxy)
           Apply fingerprint. 15 days with perfect canvas
    Apply proxy
    Load URL
    Click Login Button  //You've been blocked
    Enter email + password

  • i think the problem is with proxy. and try to make sleep on every action

  • @black_mamba I have tried sleeping twice as long as when it was working ok but it didn't make a difference. if it is my proxies than only half seem to be affected.

    Stranger yet, when I take the affected proxy and I use it manually in firefox, it works fine

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