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    And this is not the whole list! The service provides hundreds of domains for your aims.

    How the service works:
    Everything is as simple as possible. There is no need to search and purchase mailboxes, which in addition may not be valid, work with IMAP, etc.
    You buy a mailbox - we give you a registration letter!

    You need our service if:

    1. You are the owner of the program for registering accounts via email
    2. You don`t want to overpay for unnecessary emails
    3. You don`t want to waste your time on searching emails for work
    4. You have your own domains and want to recieve emails from them. Domains belong only to you!
    5. You want to register a lot of accounts . You can work with any website: Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Tiktok etc, we support any website,we will give you a letter from any site

    How to use the service:

    1. If you do not have a registration program, you can directly get a code or a link using our service.
      How to order mail from the website
    2. If you use software to register accounts, then you need to integrate the service into your program yourself using our simplest API
    3. The service works great with BrowserAutomationStudio

    Why you should work with us?
    Our emails prices are the lowest on the market. Moreover, we also offer you a unique tariff plan, which you can receive letters in huge quantities almost for free.

    *The tariff is valid only for our domains, you can get the list here.
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    Any questions
    Knowledge base

    Technical support in Telegramt.me/kopeechka_support_bot

    Ask your question directly on the website (dialog box in the lower right corner)KOPEECHKA.STORE

    Telegram channel with cool promotions and news
    Subscribe to follow our news !

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    Congratulations will be later, but for now we decided to make a special offer!

    • +10% to each replenishment of the balance (automatically) from now until 5.01.2022.

    • gmx.com and subdomains for 0.1 rub (there were 0.2 rub), indefinitely

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    Dear friends!

    With the whole KOPEECHKA.STORE team, we sincerely want to wish you a Happy New Year!

    This year we have passed a very long and thorny path, which would have been much more difficult without you!

    In the coming year, we wish you easy solutions and profitable schemes!

    01.01 - 05.01 Technical support is chilling, the response time has been increased to several hours.

  • New Year's holidays

    Prices for MAIL.COM (all domains) and GMX.COM (all domains) reduced to 5 kopecks (it was 10) per box.

    We don't know how long the campaign will last.

    We advise you to use mail_type=GMAIL COM,GMX to use all the domains of these providers that will be available.

    We remind you that the New Year's promotion +10% to the balance ends on 5.01.2022 at 23:59. (GMT +3)

    Have time to get a bonus!

  • Increase in prices for mail.com , gmx.com and subdomains!

    We return to the previous prices in these areas - 0.1 rub

    Prices will be increased from 18.01.22 00:00. (UTC+3)

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    Rambler.ru for 3 kopek

    Petya woke up very early today, why is he so happy?!
    It's easy - Petya is going to take free coffee and boost his software to the fullest!

    He does it, because right now on KOPEECHKA.STORE RAMBLER.RU (starts from 8 kopeks on market) goes just for 3!

    No one (even Petya) knows when this happy thing will end. We`ll do everything that depends on us!

    If you have any other questions - feel free to ask our support for help @kopeechka_support_bot (working hours 9.00-21.00 GMT+3)

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    Sleepy BUG

    Last night we could notice, that our service gave domains without zone (mail@example.com was mail@example).

    We are so sorry for that and add two days to each profile, who had tariff on 3 February.

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    Problems solved. Emails are available!

    The price was UP to 0.2 rub per email.

  • hello everyone,

    for the past year now i have used kopeechka store. i want to say they are very well and very good service. for many people out there that dont trust them they are very trusting store. alot of people dont think that they get there funds in there account, but they make it very easy. every time i have a problem i always reach out to support and they help me. i do have a time difference soit does play a factor in reaching out, but rest to know they will answer.

    thank you kopeechka for having the best service on the web for emails. you need anything they got it.

        ps 2drippy

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    We have a channel with an actual project statistic

    It`s useful for:

    • Emails investors
    • Software developers

    Contact support and take the TOP!

    P.S. The top shows SOFT_IDs for those programs for which we do not have links.

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    We make it more convenient and cheaper

    There are 4 different types:

    • Newbie (1 email / sec)
    • Middle (10 emails / sec)
    • Advance (30 emails / sec)
    • Pro (70 emails / sec)

    Periods: 1, 7 or 30 days.

    Also, now you can prolong your plan automatically (30 days plan).

    If you need more - ask our support for help @kopeechka_support_bot (9.00-21.00 GMT+3)

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    We added a new way to top up balance - USDT TRC20.

    We wrote a little instruction how to pay with crypto for you, as we noticed that clients mistakes when replenishing (confuse wallets)
    Official project`s chat (RU)

    Service`s statistic channel

  • On May 9, 10, we worked very unstable

    However, we have changed a lot of things:

    1. Lines for mails are generated quickly
    2. Stock of the emails in @kopeechka_bot responds quickly
    3. Added 20K+ our new domain
    4. You can take your added domains using mail_type=mine

    For all our non-working days, +2 days added to each active tariff

  • alt text

    We have changed the previous messages delivery system during two last hard-working weeks. Now, there are some new advantages:

    • Less errors;
    • Emails` in stock count rapid and accurate;
    • Timeouts and "OUT_OF_STOCK" errors was fixed;

    New system allows us to set DIFFERENT cost of each site SEPARATELY.
    Current prices are on the website in the ordering box.
    We will notify you about prices change on the channel.

    For example, based on the in stock count and the demand, we can make the cost of HOTMAIL for instagram.com 0,1 rub, and for a site with low demand and huge count - 0,05 rub!

    We have reduced ALL prices (except of gmail.com for all services) by 50%, as we want to understand the whole situation with a demand, test the system and warm your interest !

    We plan to keep such prices for a long time, perhaps we will make it even lower.

  • ✅ GOOD NEWS ✅

    1. Fixed MAIL.COM , EMAIL.COM , GMX.COM - price 0.05rub

    2. If you have timeouts when working with any of our products, it is now possible to use the mirror by changing the hosts file kopeechka.store api.kopeechka.store agregator.kopeechka.store
    1. Now, you can work with our mail gmail.com (and other emails, if it`s allowed), using "+", "." etc.

  • @KOPEECHKA-STORE Is your service only for receiving emails or also for sending out emails via free mail services like outlook, yahoo, gmail and so on?

  • @morpheus93 Only for receiving emails

  • alt text

    It was the source of cheapest emails at the beginning.

    Mail.ru emails was the first accounts which we sold via API system for 0.01 rub per message.
    We had no repeated emails at that time, such we had no other domains for selling. Frankly speaking, customers had not opportunity to add their sites without support
    So, due to lowest prices I chose the name "KOPEECHKA" (it means 0.01 rub in Russian).

    As time went on, the service got into various troubles. It`s expenses grew and more funds were needed for surviving. Prices began to rise and it helped us to rising too.

    Nowadays, we don't have to fight for our survival. High prices are not a matter of life and death. We can think about the original idea, look into the bright future, when we will achieve it!

    ‼Cut prices for everything except some destinations (hotmail.com/outlook.com/gmail.com for discord.com, gmail.com for instagram.com and few others).

    In most we have:

    If the demand for some destinations will be too high, the price will be regulated (upward) so that everyone has enough for everything.
    To check the actual prices for your site, please visit our website and fill the ordering form.

    We wish you a productive week and good work with us!

  • alt text

    So, friends, my name is Petya and I am your guide to Kopeechka.store

    While others only think, I work hard
    That's why recently I created for you a new version of our module for BAS (v2.7).
    Certainly, I fixed the old bugs, removed the error on the variable in the launch mode, and a lot of little things, removed Karma completely.

    I also built a password generator for BAS, it makes passwords harder and your life easier.

    For those who work at python, there will be good news: we created our module on it. Again - make your life a little easier)

    Place where all our modules are collected (for convenience).

    Follow the news on our channel, as we will try to please you with something new and useful.

    We wish you a productive week and good work with us!

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