In 1 running thread: How to use different lines from a .txt file each time that resource is called?

  • A simple problem which probably is easy to solve was it not that I don't have any experience in coding and although loving the software, I am now quite sad:

    I want to basically use more than 1 follower out of a .txt list of followers (per line 1) to be accessible within 1 running thread.*

    *key is in 1 thread here, I know each time a thread opens it will use different lines.

    SO not just every time the resource is asked for the line come up with the same one but WITHIN the thread gives me random ones that will be removed afterward.(Or nor random, but in order, I dont care)

    This is what I need so that I can visit these followers and give them some likes/comments in a loop (every time a different follower instead of just the same one)

    This does need the variable to be filled each time with a different follower, and from what I did so far I am only able to per thread get 1 name out of the resources, be it Database filled with the followers or from linesfromtext.
    I don't want to start the browser and log in each time a thread starts (And loop the threads for that manner)
    All of this is because Instagram will get you banned or blocked if you log in to much times in any given time. If there is a method of using the cookies from one thread across all threads that maybe another solution to the problem.

    I did go back and tried anything with pullover macro recoder, macro recorder, quick macro, ubot studio, bot chief, etc etc. But i do just like the BAS to much. and now I do not have anything working for me.

    Thanks from Amsterdam.

    Seriously thank you.

  • Hey @thi_js I hope this is some help for you. I've attached a sample project for you. It will set a global variable "Cookie" to Null when it first launches, then if the thread number = 1 it will set the variable to the cookie. You can add onto this script to log into the account, get the cookie and save it to the variable and the other threads will wait until the variable is not Null anymore.

    It will also loop through a list 10 times, deleting it from the file completely. If you do not want it to delete from the file and only READ then uncheck "write file" in the resource settings under List. (Note it will re-use the list items when you launch it again).

    To achieve selecting a new list item within the thread, you want to uncheck "Reuse Resource".
    alt text

    Let me know if this was any help to you!


  • @thi_js I can also add, that there is action "Resource To List" action, which copies all lines from resource to list which can be manipulated with List module and Foreach action. Also list is actaually javascript array and can be processed with any snippet found on internet.

    I also see, that "Reuse resource" checkbox is not noticable to most of users, so I'll move it to separate dialog step.
    And there also will be feature, which synchronises list and resource in next version.

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