BrowserAutomationStudio 15.0.0 has been released.

  • Here are list of changes:

    • Added list module:

    • Another new module: Regular Expressions:

    • In case of any error, development window don't get closed, so user don't need to reload page.

    • Several new actions, which connects lists and files: Save list to file, Load all file lines to list, Load all resource to list. So you can load all file lines with one action and use List module to process it.

    • New action: execute on page load in browser. Helps to override browser embeded classes, set on ready events, etc.

    • There is possibility to catch errors with new action Ignore errors. No need to define function and call it.


    See video for details:

    • New action: get resource location(filename, directory, url). Helps to get filename, which user choosed.

    • Most of sites like instagram, dropbox, and others uses styles or ids, which is different on every page load. 15 version of BAS optimizes selector generation and lets user to choose from several best options:


    On this picture, you see, that script developer can choose constant selector and ignore random one.

    • Better look of toolbox panel.

    • New action: template.


    Template can be edited right inside action interface or load from file/variable.

    • New action: replace string

    • New action: random string and random number.

    • Log messages are localized. All log messages for non latin interface are translated.


    There is also a lot of minor updates:

    • Wait text optimizations.
    • No "Please fill variable description" errors in russian.
    • Improved regexp extract in constructor.
    • Global action can hold any variable type.
    • New action: increase variable.
    • More compact directory resource view.
    • Write file has option to append eol.
    • Fix bug with nested foreach.
    • Increase site loading speed in run mode.

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