Expression For "Threads"

  • Hey @support So I've been playing around still, turns out the batch of threads we covered my last thread will not work correctly for what I'm aiming for, so I've came up with a complicated solution but the only problem I'm having is setting the threads with an expression using the User Input settings. After running/opening it the code gets cutout by the engine.

    section((({{useHuman}}) == ("True")) ? (50) : ({{threads}}) /*(({{useHuman}}) == ("True")) ? (50) : ({{threads}})*/,1 /*1*/,1 /*1*/,0,function()

    Is this a bug or my fault with the code?



  • @Allister It is bug with BAS parser. But you can set variable thread number if you use "Call function in several threads" action.

    Like this

    And here is the project

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