using YouTube view with a previous BAS version

  • It's been a year since YouTubeView was successful.
    Fingaerprint Switcher stops working in 24.5.1 views after January 6th (probably the imprint issue the developer described in the thread), but returned from there on January 15th and used before 24.3.1 The version has been reached.
    February was successful for 10 days with the latest 24.6.2, but the resources were too high to handle the previous number of customers.

    We are currently accepting customers using older versions. This is the story of YouTube view.
    If you like a small number of tasks and want to subscribe, please use the latest version properly and use ver depending on the task.

    I feel that the accuracy of the latest Bas 24.6.2 fingerprint switcher has dropped significantly and the resources have quadrupled. Due to repeated client replenishment, work was delayed and it went into the red. This alone makes a living for about two months.

    I have a question for anyone using Bas 24.3.1 or earlier, which has fewer resources than the latest version and has more YouTube view customers.
    Is Fingererprint Switcher less accurate than the previous 24.3.1?

    For the number of YouTubeViews, using the latest versions 24.6.2, 24.6.1 will quadruple your resources.
    I can't buy a lot of PCs now.

    Fingaerprint Switcher's return file ReceivedBytes is heavier than before.
    Previously, ver24.3.1 and below received a file of about 2MB, so resources were low and the number of views was the maximum without reduction.
    For example, if you have 1000 replay customers, you will lose 300 after 5 days. Electric current.
    I was using a ver before Bas24.3.1, but it decreased in real time even after playing 1000 times, so I succeeded in devising so that it would not decrease even after 5 days.
    It didn't decrease at all. The decline has been terrible since January 6th.

    Fingaerprint Switcher
    Please let us know if you are using YouTube view with a previous BAS version (other than ver24.5).
    Older versions such as subscriptions will continue to work. I am a customer

    Since the number of views and usage of YouTube has decreased significantly, I dared to ask a question. Is it the same situation?

  • It's been a year since I made a living on YouTube, but now I really want to stop the situation where I could lose my job, so I don't try and error while I'm sleeping.
    So far I've focused on reading topics, but I wrote them. If the situation is not the same, ignore it. Thank you for reading the question.

  • @kamikazeave
    Using the latest version, playlists, etc., the operating speed was restored to the original state by continuous playback. When I downloaded the fingerprint and changed it to read locally, it only appeared 5 times after playing 10,000 times. By the way, until now, fingerprint switchers have always executed fingerprint download → YouTube View one by one to play. Thanks to the BAS developers. Thank you for emailing the YouTube playback sample video and sample project in February. Ukraine is also a difficult time, but let's live by giving priority to survival and putting health first.

  • @kamikazeave
    I made a mistake in the translation. Excuse me. The latest version of YouTube has been successful.

  • @kamikazeave Please tell me, what proxies do you use to cheat views on YouTube?

  • @perhorovich

    【webshare , ProxyRack(residentialORdatacenter) 】
    Inexpensive residential bandwidth proxy, data center I'm all successful. Originally, I used a 10-minute rotation of a local proxy for about 2 years until 2020, but it was expensive, so I kept the cost down.
    For example, I succeeded in playing 10,000 times. I tested ver24.7.0 and ver24.7.1 for one and a half months. 24.8.0 was tested 16 days ago and was successful with 10,000 visits per day. There is no reduction. If it does not decrease after 16 days, it is a perfect number, and the view of the rest of life is completely fixed. Complete the test view after 16 days.
    It also works with the above two providers.
    It's often said that high-quality, high-priced proxies work, but they're cheap and work in the data center as well. A proxy that switches IPs on a request-by-request and IPs on an action-by-action fails. It also works with a sticky 5-minute rotation. Rotation of other data centers, rotation of homes.

    ■ There are two incompatible providers. ↓
    Geonode (recently bad), housing
    RSocks (bad spring since last time), housing ■ Use mobile proxies for likes, comments and subscriptions. That's my way. If you rush to run the IP created with your Google account, the task will be completed quickly without any reduction.

    In summary, BAS is excellent and works.

  • Do you have telegram, we also talk about youtube cheat technique
    tele @chipaupau

  • @thanhvodad
    Yes, but personally I only talk to the developers. I'm currently busy with YouTube, Google accounts, channel subscriptions, likes, comments and YouTube customer support. Everything is successful and we are in the process of returning to last year's sales and we are working hard. We apologize for not meeting your expectations. Write your question here on this topic. It's efficient.

  • I found ipv6static that works with YouTube views, so I will introduce it further here. After playing 30,000 times, the following site

    I bought a 15000 proxy from. The test results are very good. It worked perfectly with BAS. There is no decrease. The product proxy ports are the same, but I personally thought it was because the subnet was acting as another unique proxy.

    ■ Incompatible ipv6 ■
    Proxy seller

    These two providers ipv6 have been tested. Not suitable for watching YouTube. We're screwed.

  • @kamikazeave are you using your home grown YT bot or purchased from some one.

    I have couple of questions if you kindly respond.

    Do you recommend this product for gmail account creation and YT view bot and the views stick ?

  • @naeem
    I've used BAS to look at all the topics over and over again, get advice from the developers, and have completed them so far. I created BAS scripts for YouTube and Google accounts and ran them all myself. I mentioned that I bought the proxy only from the above sites. I have never used the software on the above sites. The reason is that I use BAS, develop my own scripts, and work on my own. I've read and tested this community many times, listened to the advice of veteran developers from old times, and perfected it to my liking. So there is no reason to buy something made by someone else. Proxy thinks that if I put the real test results here, fewer people will fail to play YouTube as well. I just introduced ipv6 with kindness and wrote it including failure. You can see it if you try it. It completely describes the truth of what you have tested.

  • The following question arrived in my message. To protect the privacy of the questioner, we quote below important questions that do not include a username and share them here for those who need an answer.

    >Hello brother, I just have a simple question. I also do bas youtube bot and I saw you being successful in botting youtube.
    I just want to ask, is possible to bot youtube without gmail account? Because it always drops for me. But if I used gmail, the views stick.
    Do you use gmail in all 10,000 views you make? Or no account?

    ■My Answer

    We do not recommend playing without an account. The reason is as follows.

    First of all, if you access for only 1 hour without an account and watch 50 times, there is an 80% chance that you will be able to watch 20 to 50 times. However, only if the bot is stopped and terminated within an hour.

    YouTube Ai restricts viewing access without an account. This is not a job. Most people are accessed for hours, tens of hours, or even hundreds of hours in a row.

    For example, if you adjust the number of views per hour to 12 to 15 times for 10 consecutive hours, the number of views per day on YouTube will be about 1 hour 12 to 15 times x 24 hours = about 300 times. ..
    If you leave it untouched, you can succeed for more than 7 consecutive days, but don't overdo it. The YouTube channel is completely deteriorating.

    I think there is a bad point. The reason should not be [unnatural].
    If you apply for 4000 hours of cashing without an account, it is unclear if your application will pass. Like me, I don't do it because he expects it to be dangerous and unsuccessful. We recommend that you use your Google account properly to launch your bot and use the YouTube view. It decreases when it exceeds 300 times a day. For example, if you don't have an account and haven't watched less than 500 times on the first day and less than 300 times on the second day, you'll see less on the first day. After 5 days, it will be about minus 200 ... or double minus. If you continue this for a few days, the amount of reduction will gradually increase, affecting other views that should not be reduced, and even lower than expected. I think it is very likely that it will be treated as invalid traffic or channel. Please note that. However, if your Google account has 1000 views and 300 views and access is complete with 1300 views, everything will be fixed as above. In my experience, if the number of views per day exceeds 300, it will decrease significantly after 5 times. Many times. After 7 days, the past excess will be reduced immediately.undefined So Google Account View (70%) + (if you don't have a 30% account) will succeed, but that's a good idea. Undefined Note, undefined After all, it's 30% more, so it's unnatural. We strongly recommend that you only view your Google account. Last year, I was able to watch a lot of YouTube 1 videos that were played 10,000 times on my Google 1500 account and worked. I succeeded, but I was scared, so I increased it. Starting this year, we have 3000 accounts. Currently, 100 of the 100+ videos have been played 30,000 times and are being accessed without loss. Access beyond that is scary, so please increase your account again to increase the number of views per video. I think the above is difficult to read due to a translation error, but thank you for reading to the end.

  • @kamikazeave brother, I just have a simple question. I also do bas youtube bot and I saw you being successful in botting youtube.

    I just want to ask, is it possible to bot youtube without gmail account? Because it always drops for me. But if I used gmail, the views stick (i mean most views no drop but some still drop)

    My questions are:

    1. Do you use gmail in all 10,000 views you make? Or no account?

    2. What is your way in making cookies? Do you know why some views even with accounts and cookies still drop? I use residential proxies by the way.

  • answer.
    1.1. Follow the answers above to use your account. I have 3000 accounts and 30,000 views are successful. No drop.

    1. I will answer. 30 days for Android for direct playback, 10-30 drops for 370 views per hour for real-time analytics. 30 days on Microsoft Windows, Chrome, the drop in real-time analytics is even smaller.

    I noticed that for YouTube playlists, there are fewer drops than direct playback.

    Currently I am using the above ipv6 static and residential, webshare shared rotation ipv4.

    Cookies use profile actions. Easy. I remembered what a super veteran developer wrote. I wrote that it's good for your account because the profile folder has a lot of information.

    Also, since the current BAS is browser 101, lowering the fingerprint to a low value such as 97 will increase the drop. So I always get the Fingerprint Switcher with a number that is the same as or higher than the current version, after figuring out the best BAS browser. Fingerprint settings when downloading. In the extreme case, if you set your browser version to 90, you will get a lot of YouTubeViews drops below: Probably Youtube
    I don't like the old browser ver. Drops even working fingerprints. That is playback. As a side note, if you start fingerprint authentication at the same time as access, it will drop significantly after 5 days, so once you read the fingerprint authentication using only the profile action on the bot that fully downloads and plays the profile, it will not drop. .. Apply in advance. Another Fingerprint Switcer bot is running permanently in about two threads. This is due to logout avoidance, 3000 accounts only, and my own workaround when using a rotation proxy or a different proxy each time. The account doesn't do anything. Normal for 2 years. This also prevents your account from logging out later.undefined my way. Some translations are strange, but thank you for reading.

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