Pixelscan says there is an issue with my browser

  • I invite you to check these 2 screen shots. I don't understand why I am having this error.

    or this if you want to read the error

    Any ways to fix this?

  • Fixed

    Answer: Just buy the premium version of fingerprint switcher and it should work correctly.

  • Update: Issue is not fixed, I just got lucky and received a working fingerprints. I would appreciate to find a solution to the issue thanks!

  • On my end this shitty pixelscan "test" is not even working on a freshly installed chrome without any plugins. So I don't think that this "test" has any correlation with a real world anti fraud service that is used by serious websites.

  • @morpheus93 Something must be wrong with your "fresh chrome", pixelscan is actually accurate, I tested it on mulitple devices and it works perfectly fine.

    The reason I made this post is that when I try to register an account at (Google, Instagram, Discord etc.) while I am having a fingerprint with such an error.

    Guess what? I actually get a PVA.

    Somehow, when I am lucky and I have a good fingerprint which has been confirmed by pixelscan, the registration process is very smooth and no PVA or recaptcha. They totally believe you!

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