Asking about something releated to modules

  • Hello,
    While searching on Github, I found a BAS project containing something interest which I never see something like before

    That project has something like a module inside it ( look the screenshots: )
    This module is only installed inside this project it's not installed on my device, every action from this module has a full run inside (like functions).

    So please if anyone knows what that is, feel free to tell me.


  • @Drunk, @support said in BrowserAutomationStudio 22.2.0 has been released:

    Sharing projects with modules.

    Consider following example, you send project to another developer, you have certain modules installed and he doesn’t. In this case, he will still be able to run the project and even edit those actions that he essentially does not have. This is achieved through the mechanism of "external modules". After changing the project, the external modules will disappear. It is allowed to transfer projects an unlimited number of times.

  • @GhostZ Thank you so much bro.

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