Fingerprint Switcher Queue and other questions

  • Hello, I've recently purchased a 1 month key for the Fingerprint Switcher.
    I've noticed that I was in a Queue and my number went from 9,9,8,8,8,8,8,9,9,9,9
    so it went up by 1.
    I'm questioning this, there seems someone joined the "Queue" in front of me, I suppose it's the premium (so 3months+) key users,
    the problem is:
    if there is a Queue also for premium users, how am I supposed to multithread and for example have 100 running threads?
    I expect this to not be the case simply because it costs relatively a big price and if even the "Higher"(3months+) subscription has a Queue it's simply impossible to use even 10+ threads.

    Will I have queue even with (3months+) subscription?
    Will i be able to run 100 threads simultaneously?

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