Need a facebook live watch bot

  • so i need a facebook bot to launch around 1000 FB acc point to 1 FB live stream..

    1. A dashboard to operate..!
    2. Auto manage facebook stream including:
    • pointing a thousand profile that already generate to 1 stream facebook link. With waiting time..
      So its step by step not at once.. ( ex : 100 processed, after done, 100 more processed)
    • auto login and auto proxy management with database (excel or csv input)
    • so if 1 account log in and detect facebook session or proxy not work. it automatically process to the next FB acc or proxy.
    • Report on dashboard, generate reporting on fb which fb acc or proxy not work or fail.
    • after point to live stream link will auto switch video resolution to 144p
    • auto refresh page.. (With on and off menu)
    • idle emulation
    • save local config

    name your price..
    thank you..

  • price is not the face if you have enough servers to run at 1000 watcher level then dm me. i am already working on it

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