БАГ! Funcaptcha! Отправляет запрос к сервису без перерыва!

  • (использовал Мобил прокси proxy on) Без перерыва отправляет запрос к сервису даже когда остановил скрипт)
    из за этого за банили!
    You had 1 case(s) when your software was sending 100,000 requests per day which produced error ERROR_NO_SUCH_CAPCHA_ID, thus putting load on our systems and DDoSing our API.

    Your API key was blocked to prevent future abuse. Prior to this event system sent several emails with warnings to your email address **********

    To unblock your account, I need a proof that this issue was fixed. Please attach a screenshot with piece of the software code where it properly processes errors from API and takes actions accordingly. For example, empty balance errors must result in whole application be paused, because there’s no reason to submit more tasks. Other errors, like incorrect sitekey or domain data, must be properly logged and investigated. We also see practices when code continues to execute even if task was not created, and enters an endless loop of requesting results of a non-existing task via API.

    If you are not the software developer, please contact your developer, ask them to fix the issue and provide required screenshots.

  • @Ulugbek этот баг есть вроде бы во всех встроенных действиях по решению капчи и разработчики насколько я понимаю давно о нем знают. Вам остаётся только использовать свое решение.

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