BrowserAutomationStudio 25.2.0 has been released

  • The endless loading on sites that use cloudflare has been fixed.

    The problem was related to the site isolation mode. In Chrome it is enabled by default, but in BAS it was disabled.

    This mode allows browser to isolate some frames in a separate process. Enabling this feature required to reimplement frames usage workflow.


    1. Increased memory consumption by 10-13%.
    2. Possible freezes when loading the page.
    3. Setting new headers will not work for the several first requests from a new frame.
    4. Getting the request body through the cache will not work for the several first requests from the new frame.
    5. The number of processes in the system will increase

    The disadvantages will only appear if there are frames from other domains on the page, such as ads.

    It is recommended that you update BAS version even if you are not using cloudflare, as other sites may have similar protection.

    To return the previous mode, you need to add the --disable-site-isolation-trials flag to the chrome_command_line.txt file or to the "Browser Settings" action.

    Patch 25.2.1

    Chrome version has been updated to 105.0.5195.102.
    Fix pixelscan detection.
    Fix issues with PerfectCanvas generation with incorrect charset.
    Fix issues with too many captcha with funcaptcha.
    Improved battery emulation.
    Improved stability when generating PerfectCanvas request.

  • where can i download this version?

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