The browser freezes.

  • Hello, first of all my english is not good, sorry.

    I made an automation, but while this automation is operating on a site, it suddenly freezes on that site. After 1-2 minutes the scanner is fixed. Please can you help me? This doesn't happen every time. I make 5 attempts, 2 of them have this problem and get a timeout error.

  • Hi,
    Share more details:
    What site/page is in question?
    What error looks like?
    Are you using latest version of BAS?
    How this error can be replicated?
    Can you attach minimalistic script that
    will replicate such behavior?

  • baserror.PNG

    Hello, the page I am working on is google ads.

    Entering the bot task and creating a campaign. But in some places, the browser freezes and gives the error found in this image.

  • It could be related with figerprints. Determine if that error
    always shows at certain type of fingerprint and simply eliminat
    such fingerprints. Im not sure about that, but you can try.

    On the other hand, there were some issues already addressed
    on similar behavior by other users. So maybe developer will solve
    it in next BAS version. So you can try installing that new version and
    see if that will solve your problem. New version is not public yet, but
    can be downloaded here from forum for testing purposes before it
    becomes public.

    Maybe someone else will answer you here if he/she encountered
    and solved such behavior successfully.If nothing helps you can document
    this behavior and create minimalistic test script that replicates such
    behavior and post it here on forum, or send it directly to premium
    support if you are useing premium/paid BAS.

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