how to post without duplicate data

  • I have a list of 100 groups to post to and 10 accounts.

    I want to post

    1 account to post 10 groups,
    Account 2 will post 10 groups
    account 3 account 4 will post like this

    and can run multi-threaded without duplicate data of those 100 groups

    I manage groups and accounts on Database

    any ideas can help me


  • There are multiple sollutions. The easiest is to
    simply set it in resource files themselfs. So you
    can create txt or csv file with accounts where
    you will copy same account 10 times and that
    resource file will have same number of lines like
    list of groups - in your case 100.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @GaG sorry I can't figure out how you say it , or can you give me a few more options for reference ? I'm having a problem these days. I can only run 1 thread

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