Need Help on saving fingerprint.

  • Hai. As mentioned above, I tried to save the fingerprint through "Get Fingerprint" and "Write File". But, when I'm trying to "Read File" and want to load the saved fingerprint data from a folder, it gave an error "Unable to parse JSON string". By the way, I use the perfect canvas too.

    1. Do I need to specify the "filename extension" to ".json"?
    2. What can I do to solve the error "Unable to parse JSON string"?

  • @Enter Hi, can you provide more information?
    how the json looks like where you save the fingerprints and what json you use to get it?
    You can also try to save profile instead of saving the fingerprints.

  • @NotWegant Hai.
    Thank you. So the flow is like this:

    1. Get Fingerprint
      *I use fingerprint key + PerfectCanvas Request
      --> This is the sample script Get Fingerprint.xml
      --> This is the PerfectCanvas Request Canvas Request.txt

    2. Write a file (In my PC folder)
      --> This is the result of the written file

    Then, I want to apply a random fingerprint from that folder
    --> sample script Apply Fingerprint.xml

    Regarding your suggestion to create a profile, I don't want to create many profile folders for now. First, I want to get the fingerprint data with a perfect canvas to use it later. Can it be done?

  • When saving fingerprints add extension .TXT, so it is saved
    as text document. You can save each fingerprint as separated
    TXT file, or you can save multiple fingerprints in one TXT file -
    each fingerprint as new line.

    Later you can simply load such saved fingerprints, no need for json
    transformation etc.

  • @GaG thanks for the insight! So 'write file' + .txt and then 'read file' will do the work right?

    One more question gag, this will work both in 'get fingerprint' only and 'get fingerprint+perfectcanvas request' right?

  • Yes it will work in both cases

  • @GaG Thanks!

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