[Paid] I need a template to add updates to a company's business card on Google Maps

  • Hi. I guess almost every company can set up a business card on Google Maps.
    I need a template that will take data from a txt/csv file and insert it into the business card update.

    1. logs into the account | selects one of the options ( add update ( always this one ) or add offer or add event ) | then draws the text {1|or 2|or 3} | finally selects one of the photos from the folder indicated on the computer | adds a button | publishes the entry.

    2. and now the next company

    3. and the next company

    What would be the cost of such a template and do I need the premium version of BAS to use it?

  • @michaloop write me to pm or tg userTrue
    (premium is not needed)

  • This post is deleted!

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