Video editing - BAS Help Please !

  • Hello I am looking to take a video that is in a file on my computer and add text to it then put it in another folder.
    Do you know if I can do it directly with BrowserAutomationStudio or if I need a module or if I need to use a third party service.
    Canva detect that I am a robot and block me directly.
    Thanks for those who will help me !

  • Adding text to a video and moving it to another folder can be achieved using various methods. For example, you can try using free online video editors, which offer text overlay features. But as a better solution, I’d recommend checking out They offer a range of great app options specifically designed for Windows users, allowing you to add text overlays and export the edited video to your desired folder. It's always good to have multiple options to choose from, so this could be a helpful addition to your video editing toolkit. Good luck with your video editing adventure, and I hope you find a solution that works for you!

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