Reddit account registration script [Multilang]

  • An open template for registering accounts on
    Template - Reddit Kopeechka store.xml
    It's Multilang template and you can choose a necessary language of logs

    alt text

    All actions in the template are painted and marked with different colors.

    • Yellow - receiving data (mail, letters), connecting a proxy, etc.
    • Red - error checking, error handling.
    • Green - data entry, data entry for registration
    • Blue - the main block of the entire template
    • No color - normal actions (click on element, load, sleep, etc.)

    Template features:

    • Video uploading is prohibited.
    • Several selectors were taken from the page code and obtained using regular expressions
    • After solving the captcha, the template changes its code and puts a tick after the solution. Since the site checks for the presence of a daw.
    • Many bugs handled.
    • The template works up to 3 threads.

    Modules: For the template to work, modules are required: KOPEECHKA.STORE for receiving mail / searching for letters and the Password Generator module for generating a password according to the site's conditions.

    There was a lot of torment with this template) I hope for feedback. The template will be updated!

    For good tests, here's a coupon for topping up your balance: reddit_bas
    Use it on the KOPEECHKA.STORE website, in the "My profile" tab
    Only 10 people can take a coupon and get 50 rubles on their balance

    In case of errors, bugs, etc., leave errors and screenshots below.

    Telegram channel - KOPEECHKA
    Telegram chat - | Official chat
    Technical support - KOPEECHKA SUPPORT
    Email -
    Developer - Ilya

  • Thank you so much!

  • It's cool to see the different colors indicating various actions. I recently re-discovered Reddit, and it's been a great platform for discussions and finding interesting content. Social media sure offers a wide range of opportunities! By the way, I stumbled upon this concept of finding Reddit accounts for sale, which adds an intriguing twist to the Reddit experience. As a newbie here, I'm excited to explore more and learn from experienced Redditors. Keep up the good work with your template, and if I encounter any errors or bugs, I'll be sure to share them.

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