BrowserAutomationStudio 10.0.0 has been released.

  • Several critical bugs are fixed in this release:

    • 9.0.0 versions didn't allow to run more than 30 threads at a same time. This restriction is removed in 10.0.0 version.

    • There was also bug with "Failed to Reset" message, which started after 30-40 minutes of run. This is fixed too.

    • Processor usage is greatly reduced in multithreaded mode.
      If you experience any problem, please add
      SkipFrames=0 line inside
      C:\Program Files\BrowserAutomationStudio\apps\10.0.0\settings_worker.ini file

    • Project management has been improved, you can work not only with default project, but with project in any folder.

    • Proxy socks 5 with authorization is supported.

    Download new version from official site.

  • A little update to 10.0.0 is 10.1.0.
    It fixes wrong redirect on relative location.

  • Released 10.3.0 Various stability fixes.

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