Update record and use in same thread.

  • Lets say i have a database resource with variables USERNAME:PASSWORD

    I would write the whole skript with these variables, but lets say I log into an email with these variables, and it asks me to create a new password, I create the new password, UPDATE the RECORD of variable PASSWORD. Now if i check the database, the record is updated succesfuly, it no longer shows the previous password, but it shows the new one. But if i continue the script and try to use the same variables again (USERNAME, PASSWORD), it will use the old password but not the new one that i updated in the database.
    If i try to parse line of the updated database, i still get the same old password but not the new one.
    My question is this, how can i update a variable from a database line and use it in the same thread?

  • Figured it out, i need to use replace string after database update.

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