I am ready to order serveral BAS programs

  • I'm looking for a developer to work on several projects with me. While I do some programming myself, my solutions tend to be less efficient and more cumbersome to work with. Therefore, I'm seeking someone who is better versed in this field.

    Here are some examples of the projects I need help with:

    Web-based Gmail mailing system - this is exclusively for paid accounts. The program should be able to send emails to a list of addresses with corresponding names, subjects, and messages, and provide a report on which emails were sent.

    Grabbing error messages from email systems - related to the first project, after sending emails, there are usually responses from postmasters with error messages. The program should be able to generate a list of emails to which messages were not delivered.

    Gathering information from various webmail providers - the program should be able to collect data from emails, including those with attachments in PDF format, across multiple mailboxes, with a list of usernames and email addresses provided. When executed multiple times, the program should only grab new data and not duplicate old ones.

    Determining the email domain of specific addresses - the program should determine the mail provider for a list of corporate emails based on the MX records, and output lists of email domains accordingly.

    Checking the existence of email accounts without sending emails - some email providers allow checking account existence by attempting to log in. The program should be able to take a list of email addresses and providers, and output lists of existing accounts.

    Grabbing data from search engines and processing it - given a list of email addresses with varying formats, such as kurt.kobain@nirvana.com, kkobain@nirvana.com, k.kobain@nirvana.com, the program should find the names of other people with email addresses in the same domain, such as Dave Groll, whose email would be dave.groll@nirvana.com. The program should output these emails with their corresponding names.

    I have already created proof-of-concept solutions for these projects, but they are not very polished. I can provide more detailed explanations of what needs to be done and the challenges that may arise during the development process.

    It's important that the developer is skilled in creating multi-threaded programs and has experience working with SOCKS5 proxies.

    I will require the source code, which I request not be distributed. However, if the developer wishes to rent out compiled versions to third parties, that is acceptable to me and I won't need any compensation for that.

    The code should be well-structured, with comments and properly named functions and variables.

    For developers with a good reputation, I can pay 100% upfront. For those without a reputation, payment will be made after a demonstration of the program's functionality. Please message me if you're interested, and I will send you the project specifications for the first project to estimate the work.

  • @Vaska-Bobrov Have you found somebody?

  • I'm still looking for.

  • @Vaska-Bobrov

    It seems like there may be some broken logic in your descriptions. Did you use ChatGPT for write description? I ask because some of the errors appear to be originating from ChatGPT.

  • @sergerdn
    I don't see a reason for you to keep chasing all my topics here. Lot's of spare time? Good for you.

  • @Vaska-Bobrov

    I have seen the first topic, and then I saw the second. While reading the first topic, I noticed some errors and just asked you about them. That's all.

    Later, I came across a topic on a Russian forum

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