Human Challenge - px captcha

  • Hey ! Does anyone know how to solve / bypass these particular kind of captchas ?

  • @thotho What is the specific site that implements this type of captcha?
    Because if only Press & Hold then you can use Drag and Drop.
    But I don't think it's that simple. Because there will be other factors such as different holding times...., without a specific website, it is impossible to determine exactly.Screenshot_5.png

  • Hello thank you for your quick answer ! It's napster, you can try it by yourself by simply loading and you should have this captcha :)

  • You can use Drag and Drop like I said above.
    Drag and "Wait While Element Exists" until this image appears then Drop.

  • I managed to solve half the captcha using a 9 second timer thanks to you
    Unfortunately I can't seem to find any alteration to the HTML page when the captcha is completed, where you talking about using image ? Like taking screenshot, verifying the pixel color on the middle of the screen and stop holding if pixel = blue for instance ? or did you find any html alteration ?

  • @thotho Turn on F1 on the keyboard, then select any point on the browser, HOLD LEFT MOUSE, and move the mouse to another location. You will see a BLUE square of the area you selected. That's when you'll be working with images, instead of element.

  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    I'm working with BAS for 3 years and I didn't even know we could do that wtffff thank you, you're very good (nice website btw !) I'm gonna work on that captcha solver and try to finish it by myself to not waste too much of your time :p

    I'm very grateful for your help !

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